While my Triaxis is nice and get a modern metal tone, I like the recto tone as well and the triaxis wont do it as well. I have a chance to buy the Racktifier locally for $1200, but theres also a Recto Pre as well for $700. Just want to know from those who tried both amps what their opinions are. Can the Recto Pre get close to the Recto sound by using it with my 2:90 power amp or is the Racktifier over all better for recto metal tones?
Never tried the pre, though here's my two cents:
part of the recto sound is def coming from the power amp AND from the tube rectifier - that looseness in the bass I dislike that much.

So the thing may not sound that recto-like.
Unless you like your recto sounds using SS recto's, in which case it will sound much alike I'd say.
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