Hi guys, just heard about this guitar contest today (And it was the last day to enter! haha) So needless to say i was a little rushed in making this video. I made my entry first thing after work (They didnt supply a backing track, so i had to rush make the backing of the solo from the original) but luckily it was just a simple breakdown. This was just a one shot improv with a few harmonies added. Would love to know what you think, thanks!

As always, Ill gladly C4C!


Jake P
I could sense you were rushed while making the video. It's not the most impressive video I've seen you do, but it was quite good (primarily because of the lead playing, of course). If I remember correctly (even though I watched it at least 4 times), the rhythm guitar played just one chord through the whole thing; I would have liked to hear more than one.