We are a Blackened prog. death metal band who is in need of a drummer, bassist, and keyboard player. Our band name is "Ceaseless Discharge"and we are in the Washington area. so if you live in snohomish/skagit county and you're interested, contact us on facebook @Merrick thacker or email @ Merrick915@gmail.com for rhythm guitarist/vocalist and @ xblackwolfdawnx@gmail.com for the lead guitarist.

influences are Behemoth, Bloodbath, Opeth, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Amon Amarth, Beyond creation, Pantera, Katalepsy, Cannibal Corpse, D.F. , Scale the Summit, Skeletonwitch, Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, Hour of Penance, Pink Floyd, Nader Sadek, Lamb of God, Devourment (new material), Septic Flesh, Abysmal Dawn, Obituary, Dio, Iron Maiden, Woods of Desolation, Sorghegard, Tyr and many many more.