Hi folks!
Sharing this Etude i've compose on a class in the past week.
Hope you enjoy!!

Dm Pentatonic Etude - Part I
Well for a start your link is broken; you obviously got the parts the wrong way around while you were entering it.

Secondly: I'm reporting this thread. I haven't watched the video yet so I don't know if it's a lesson but if it is then there are official systems for submitting lessons that you have to use if you want to put lessons on UG. If not then it's just a link to your youtube channel in which case, unless you have a specific question about your technique, it should go in the Original Recordings forum.

Edit: and now I've watched it... it's a lesson. Submit it through the proper channels.

Also, just as a little picky thing... this really isn't an etude. An etude is still a complete piece of music, you're just playing a bunch of exercises over a backing track.
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