I'm curious about these. I have googled for opinions and it seems to be a mix. One guy claims that the hardware is cheap. Another guy says his was great. I found a gentleman who claims to have played a number of them in a showroom and there was only one that he connected with.

I've seen a few people relate them to MiM Strats. Mostly positive compared to a MiM, but not always. There's one guy who seemed completely pissed off about his and a few others who seemed to think that they weren't anything special.

And there's a few really positive reviews that seem like they're "honeymoon" reviews, and I'm having a hard time taking them seriously.

I'm also feeling a little bit skeptical because there doesn't seem to be a lot of reviews in general. I thought that there'd be more by now.

So is there anyone here who has actually played one?
There's a few of them for sale on Thomman on clearance right now... I am tempted I must say.
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Been wanting one, but haven't pulled the trigger- something more important keeps cropping up.
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I have a Tagliare Limited model, very solid guitar for the money.
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I have a Tagliare Limited model, very solid guitar for the money.

Is the limited model the same as the standard? I don't see any limiteds on the Zelinsky website and I've only found some references to it being like a version of the standard except that it has a compound radius z-glide neck. Is that right?

Speaking of Z-glide. Does it collect dirt and oil like I've imagined it would?

How is the hardware? Tuners and bridge seem okay?
Would you say that it's in the MiM strat level of quality?
The Limited model is different to the Standard. Non-locking tuners, no Z-Glide on the neck. The bridge and tuners are fine, the guitar will go out of tune with too much trem abuse but that's a normal thing without locking tuners. I would say it's fairly comparable to a MIM Strat, not a super super high-end piece but worth the money for sure.
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My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.