very interesting music for sure! great saxophone leads, and there are some interesting rhythms parts underneath. cool ambient parts as well, i think you can write some great experimental music!
There's no mix of genres i think fits as well as jazz/swing and electronic. As fpr the arrangement, though i feel the sax should have dove into a repeated part somewhere in there. The repetitive drum and synth loop could've made the sax soar if it was riffing. It has a very good theme and the sounds blend very well.

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Sigs are for salad tossers.

Thanks mate. If you can, take a look at the other one too. It's better, in my opinion, than the jazzy one . https://soundcloud.com/tiqueu/the-psychohistorians


Thanks man. It's something different than I'm used too. I was thinking of giving it a try. As I said to Patrick also. If you can, listen to this too : https://soundcloud.com/tiqueu/the-psychohistorians
Anyway, I'll be on your thread giving you feedback asap .
Thanks for your critique on my tunes!
"I listened to Champ. I was suddenly brought to GTA: Vice City. I loved it! Just an awesome feeling about it. What did you use for that guitar tone? "
GTA Vice City pretty much changed my life with it's soundtrack so I's definitely been a huge influence. Really glad you noticed it! I plugged a Standard strat right into my Mac and played with the EQ and compression in Logic.

Now to your tune. Really liked it actually! Perfectly mixed, and I listened to the whole tune without ever losing any interest in it. It was basically interesting throughout. Tell me about the trumpet sound! It sounded great!
Drunken Night Out was funky yeah.
Sax was good and liked the dirty fuzz (whatever instrument that was).
Drums were nice and heavy but coulda done with more fills.

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hybrid 6.0
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Yo, hey guys. I totally forgot about this thread untill now. I went to your threads and gave you a critique back. Sorry it took so long. And thank you for taking time to listen to my song.

@ Evil_Magician. I sampled the sax and worked on it a lot. Here's a picture so you can see how I managed to get that sound: http://i.imgur.com/p5Vxsrl.png?1
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