Doing a Business model for a class, if you can give your view or answer some of these questions, that would be great. Thanks!

What do you wish was offered by online music stores? Is there any problems or frustrations that you have with buying online? Do you have any solutions that you wish you could make happen?

Do you personally use online sale and shipment of musical products?

As far as ease of use, would conveniently placed audio samples of the (playable) musical product benefit you or do you prefer looking up YouTube previews? Or do you simply not buy a product you have not played for yourself?

Do you have interest in pre-done upgrades to used instruments before shipment? (Say you want to buy a guitar but plan on replacing pickups) would it be beneficial to you to select an add-on at checkout, and select the pick-up type, placement and wiring set up?
We've had a lot of researchers make threads for their purposes lately... hmm.

1. Sites like Musician's Friend do not always carry as many products as are out there.
2. Price matching can be annoying.
3. Fix the above two issues.
4. Yes.
5. Youtube Reviews.
6. No, I extensively research a product before I buy it.
7. Yes.