I loaded up MIDI Guitar to check out something with the delay plugin I have. When the program was loaded up, I started hearing chords. Tonal, moving chords.

The internal mic on my computer was active. I also had a cooling pad underneath my computer chopping up a continuous note. Lastly, my computer was sending the sound to an external speaker/subwoofer set. So the computer was essentially getting feedback from itself. With the "pitch prediction" that is built into MIDI Guitar, I would guess that the software predicted the chords and changed them when a small discrepancy in the cooling pad/processing sounds/feedback was heard. Almost like auto-tune in a way.

I recorded it a few moments in. Don't mind my face, OBS had naturally loaded it and I didn't think to take off the face cam until later in the video.


Sometimes the chords would really start to sound like they were made by a well-educated composer. I heard diminished chords, (x)7's, suspended, (x)maj7's, etc. It was odd. It started to make musical sense.

I guess the primary "instrument" was the cooling pad. It generates a solid, consistent tone (let's say key) if I don't tap it or change the position of my laptop. With the pitch prediction and the discrepancies that happened from computing or discrepancies I made myself, the chords changed.

I've known that computers have the ability to generate stuff like this. It's just interesting to actually hear it. It surprised me and made me stop for a second. It was extremely tonal to begin with, but it got increasingly atonal as it went on, with a small break in the middle somewhere.

I just wanted to share this with you. I'm not really making a statement, but feel free to comment on whatever, however.

PS: Don't worry about the title. It was just a witty, attention-grabbing title. I'm not (shoddily) stealing jazz-rock-feel's thread ideas.
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