Hello, hello
I'm new and I have no clue what I'm doing! Woohoo!
So I have a Yamaha EG112 and it's my first guitar. I got it with a Roland Cube 10GX since that's all I need for now.
I love punk and metal equally.
Being me I instantaneously got the need to make my guitar better. From what I've seen around, the pickups are probably going to be my first target. I've researched a bit about what pickups would suit my genres and guitar but I don't want to make any stupid choices.
Besides pickups is there anything else I can do to satisfy my tinkering desires?
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Where are you based? If in the US, check out Guitar Fetish. TBH, I'd look for a better amp and if that's not immediately possible, a Line 6 Pod, so you can play with different amp emulations/effects.

Or you can re-finish it.
so many upgrades exist besides pickups. It's a great place to start because our eyes see them so much when we first start playing.

I agree a guitar processor goes a long way - you can get many sounds out of your guitar and it'll be more appreciated the first few years than any pickup swap. Cheap GFS ones to expensive hand wound pickups made by some elf at the top of an ice covered mountain. Line 6 pod X3 for example. It's a very smart guitar pedal to help achieve any band you're into tone. Digitech I don't recommend the one they have as the sounds are garbage and the only other one that comes to mind is the ones you plug your guitar into the computer. Stealthplug or whatever i think it's called. In the end you get 100s of effects , 100s of amplifier simulations, record with your usb (on good processors) and a built in tuner and a way to download presets fans of your favorite bands have made.

if the guitar doesn't stay in tune for more than a few days a new set of guitar tuners help

other than that the rest will be cosmetic until you play the guitar for a while.