Yes, there are timing issues here. I recommend buying EZDrummer (I'm assuming you have some sort of DAW), if it fits your budget (or ask for it for Christmas). Your timing was better around 3:20, when the beat was simple. I would stick with a constant 4/4 beat until you get better with that. I liked portions of the song. Keep at it.
Hey dude.

I liked the beginning a lot, till 0:30 it sounded exceptionally well, but from then, yeah, you have some rhythm problems. But I do think that if you keep working on it, you'll get there. You also get into a nice rythm from 2:50 onwards, but you do some stuff at 3:20 that kind of ruins it. At 4:15 you start something cool also, maybe dig deeper into that too? I like the vibe that the track gives. I see myself walking on a beach and having a great day.
If you like, you can listen to what I do and give me some feedback also: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1663827; Thanks .