I have a Pod HD500x, and Im wanting to get a Bugera 6260 (5150/6505 knock off) to use for recording purposes. Im wanting to do direct input and not have to mic up a cab. I know the Pod has many amps and cab sims, but I personally don't like the sound of them too much and I just want to use the pod for effects and the direct input capabilities. I'm wanting to know if I can use a Cab simulation from the Pod ALONE without a preamp sim being used.

the chain would be like this:
Guitar > Pod> Pos SEND> bugera 6260 input> Bugera 6260 SEND> POD RETURN> Pod XRL outs> Interface

Is this possible, or will I need to get a cab simulator too?

Also, could I do this same setup live to send it into the PA at the venue?
It's possible, but depending on how the Pod arranges it's effects it may not work as you intend. Many multi-effects have their amp simulation fairly early in the chain, and if it is before the send in the chain then it won't sound right (because the cab will be before the amp).
For recording, unless it's a very fancy botique pedal or an expression pedal you usually wouldn't track effects on. Once you've done that if you want to change them you have to re-track the whole thing so instead you would normally insert them as VST effects.
The thing about a tube amp is the sound that ends up coming out of the speakers so I am not sure you can do that successfully. I guess you can get a H&K Redbox speaker DI box which comes with speaker emulation or build or buy iso cab which then you record with a mic.
If you don't put a load on that Bugera speaker out you'll most likely blow the transformer, so you need a speaker at least for that, or a speaker DI box that will put a load, I think there are a few but costly.

I guess you could try software speaker emulation - there is free LePou speaker emulation vst which you can load with different cab simulations in your DAW, and then you can take a DI or fx send from the Bugera and feed that into your recording interface but in tube amp you still have to have a cab in line, just to save the power section and/or transformers from blowing up.