Before i start, there may be a thread on here about this already or something, I've never been a huge forum person so i'm not sure if this is the right place or correct usage, apologies if not.

I am looking to build a guitar and i have got an idea of what i want to do except for the body shape. i really like the idea of doing something more unique instead of a strat or tele and something metal-ish. if anyone would like to post some body shapes that might help me out or anyone else looking for inspiration, that'd be great also any cool color schemes and inlay designs are more than welcome too
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That is excellent because I am so sick of people copying gibson or fender to make an undeserved buck.

places with weird shapes
Minarik guitars
eastwood guitars
bc rich has some non-metal shapes. People are surprised to see what they did
Neal Moser guitars

those are some ideas off the top of my head