When recording a track on audacity, it will record a second of good quality then silence then another second and so on. This happens whenever there is more than one track and especially when the other track is drums. I have overdub turned on.

Does anyone else have this problem recording with audacity and know how to solve it? I am new to recording so there might be something really simple I'm missing.

So the recording gets interrupted by one second, then records, then nothing and so on?

First, as most computer problems, restart.
Try to reinstall audacity.
How are you recording?

I have one similar (it started recording fine for 10 secs, then the audio went to sort like "under water" so I reinstalled the software and worked fine)
Yeh I tried reinstalling but it doesnt seem to solve it. Sometimes it works find, it could be the wire I record through? Ive downloaded reaper so hopefully that will sort it out.