Looking to find help on getting a good deathcore sound. Bands like Whitechapel suicide silence and all that. I have a ESP LTD SCT 607b (7 string, EMG 81 x2), Orange TH30 head, orange PPC212 cab and a boss me 70

I've seen Whitechapel use EVH 5150 head and Maxon OD808 to boost their tone

Any way I could get that sort of tone with what I got. Even buy a pedal or something or would I have to go about getting myself a 5150? And tips at all?
An overdrive pedal will get you closer. I don't know if the TH30 will do it... Haven't played one.

What you really need is a 5150. Any of them, really. Peavey or EVH.

Jealous of your SCT607B. The AW-7 kicks ass, but its 25.5" scale limits it...
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I'd favor a 5150/6505 or Mesa Rectifier over a TH30 for brutal stuff. But a tube screamer-type boost can go a long way for tightening your tone. DigiTech Bad Monkeys are solid for the price.
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Disable everything on the ME but for an overdrive simulation, like the Guvnor, Rat, or Blues Driver add just a touch of gain, go and set the amp for AC/DC like crunch. If needed add a bit more gain from the ME overdrive simulation. Works almost as good as having that Maxon tubescreamer up front, just make sure you disable the rest of the stuff, I guess eq and compression could be brought into play later to further enhance what you need.