Hey all, I have a Squier telecaster custom with the Gibson style control layout (this)

Basically I want to move the input jack and the pickup selector to where the two tone controls are and have a single volume and tone. Basically something like this

Problem is the holes in the pickguard where the tone knobs are don't fit the input jack or the pickup selector. I have no real idea how to go about widening the holes, and searching online mostly just gives me how to cut out everything from a blank slate which isn't exactly what I'm trying to do. Anyone have an tips on how to go about making the holes wider?
You could also use a drill bits the same size as the jack and selector switch.
yeah a round file I'd try. I had to widen the holes in an IKNMusic (ebay seller) pickguard for this Indian guy a few days ago and it worked like a charm. Just take your time so you don't get too much material taken away where it's not repairable.

for les paul wiring though I don't see the point of having two tone knobs. Perhaps a bass boost and some coiltaps or something justify it or perhaps a killswitch as they are like 50 cents each. The bass boost is a fender greasebucket mod.

food for thought or however the saying goes you're after momentary on/on switches and ground is what you want to solder to both portions of the switch. Ground cuts to nothing easier.