another day in the life of me
unconcerned unlife-ed seed
close you're eyes and believe
its my voice, its me
see everything you want to see

locked up within myself
the greatest battle of all
its all within this man, expectations run tall
all above them all
another untaken call

back to the last thing and keepin of past-ing
mentally trashing the lasting everlasting with the speakers blasting in this movie I'm casting
you're just watching in a freefall I'm falling with this same sh*t stalling

fall to the floor
I cry up to you
n it grew these wings n flew, n left too
then the wind blew

the empty sounds, and these pictures I drew,
all these things i can't undo
and how I've been untrue
don't know how to turn to
this lifestyle i stick to, well mostly withdrew and unattended to, and what do live up to?
to no one I'm talking to, who understands, though the cracks again I fall though
I'm turning blue with regard to you

looking back into this mirror I can't see though...feel like I got the stomach flu

life unchanged.....still stuck in this cage
feelings still raged
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