Good evening all.

To make a long story short . . .
I moved out of province, and had to leave my RR5 at my mothers.
Left her on the wall mount as I always had.
Mother never used to smoke in her condo. . .
Came back for a visit the next year and I noticed the cream colour of the RR5 had become splotchy looking and off. Now I'm not 100% if it's nicotine stains, or if potentially it's sun splotching as the guitar got maybe an hour or two of direct sunlight ( through a window) per day.

I'll post pictures of the splotches if anyone's encountered this sort of thing before.
I'm looking to sell my RR5 as I'm always terrified of chipping the damn fins on shit, and I don't want to have to sell it for less due to nicotine stains.

Thanks in advance for any help.
did you try cleaning it at all? Its just particles that are stuck on the top layer like dirt, dont worry too much over it. Go over it with some wood friendly wipes, or however you were going to clean it, even a slightly damp cloth might work just don't use any petroleum products as they might damage the finish. I've had to do this before to shit in my house, i smoke.
If you get some brown skidmarks on your towel that you are cleaning with it, chances are its dust and nicotine, I'm not sure how sun splotching would be treated, I live in London.
Tried cleaning it gently with a few things to no avail, nothing at all came away. I haven't tried any wipes though. Which leads me to wonder if perhaps it's sun staining? It looks super splotchy though.
I'll try and get some decent pictures up tomorrow.
If it's on the surface you could try with a magic eraser, does wounders!!

If it gets "flat" because of that, you can use a coumpound or wax to get the shine back.

If it's a "sun stain", that is another thing totally. But give the magic eraser a try first.
I snapped a photo, it's dark out so It's not natural light. But you can for sure make out the colour difference. It's pretty stark.

Kind of scared to take a magic eraser to the geetbox, but I'll give it a go on an inconspicuous spot.

that light sliver on the left side of the fin is the original colour, on the right is whatever the **** it's become.