Hey guys,

Been reading for a bit, but hate to make my first thread a help question.

But my G400 along with peavy vypr 15 making a wierd electrical buzzing sound, only when the note is plucked and vibrating, when the note stops vibrating, the buzz goes away.

Its either the amp or the guitar, it only really makes this sound on higher gain amps like the krankenstein model. It might do it on other higher gain amp settings but its hard to tell due to other noise, it doent make the sound on most low gain clean channels though.

If its the guitar itself would it be a pickup issue? it does make this sound on both neck and bridge pickups so the fact they might both be dead is unlikely. Or could it be old strings?

I have also notice that turning down the tone knobs of the guitar seem to lessen it alot, maybe this is a hint to what the problem is?

Id really like to sort this out as the sound bugs the sh** out of me.

here is a video of the sound, you can hear the sound disappear as soon as a stop the note:
sorry for the trash quality

any input is greatly appreaciated
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Does the Vypyr come with a built in noise gate? If it does and it's bad quality it might result in a hum like that.
Thanks for the reply, so would you say this is normal? It just comes out due to the noise gate cutting it off?

Unfortunantly the vypr has a noise gate which you cant turn off, but I have been looking into a new amp, Ill have to make sure it doesnt have a noise gate.

Just to clarify, this issue cant be from a damaged pickup or something wrong within the guitar?

the guitar might have a bad ground which will show up more with high gain. you also might have the gain up way to high as well.
Im almost certain its not a bad ground, is there a possibility its with the guitars pickups?

Otherwise it would be safe to say its probably the amp
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