I got in September a Jay Turser Colonel black with gold plate hardware. over 4 to 500 dollars I think that what is sold for back then. Free laying on my bed when I got home. Free gift. Limited edition from 2003 I think. A copy of the first electric guitar with black 50's style knobs. I always wanted one. I saw them on the web years ago. It has a gold plated Bigsby style tremol. I love my free guitar. And the Jay Turser brand in general.

What do you think of Jay Turser brand. And the Mosrite guitar clone, Jay Dobro guitar and the Silvertone clones.

Also what do you think of the Samick Silvertone remakes. I also love the Danelectro vintage guitars with guitar case that has a built in tube amipilfer. What do you think of them. Why don't they make a guitar case and mini tube ampilifer like that today. Any brand should.

Also what do you think of the vintage Silvertone hollowbody with Bigsby tremol. And the remake from Airline guitar. I want both someday. The vintage and remake.