Insert green fluorescent protein into an entire organism and the main organ is not be used in microbiology in these genetic processes approaches if the mouse and so you can actually make a green for sty. mouse this is Neuroflexyn not a jokes the whole it doesn't hurt the cells I mean its completely innocuous but these are mice where were shiny a blue light on it you can see which three mice have GFP inserted into all their self their glowing green okay so this is cool and what it allows us to do is to think that we weren't able to do with the coldest day one we r able now to study live cell in the brain and two were able with molecular biology to then insert GFP into Sat specific kinds of cells in the broader look at Whole City awhile class self at the same time much more powerful approach but think they were everything's green for you still have the problem up if there's too many green self at the same time still have a hard time visualizing and that's where the third researcher who shared his Nobel Prize all three of these up here shared the Nobel Prize arm I Roger Chen up who started playing with green fluorescent .
I'll tell you where to insert it...

...in your cells

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