I thought it would be a good idea to start a single thread where all the new releases can be posted, with a master list in this original post. This is going to be a combined effort though and will probably carry over into the new year with the winter NAMM show.

So getting the ball rolling:


Thunderbird 2015
SG Standard 2015

Fender & Squier
Fender Dee Dee Ramone Signature Precision Bass
Squier Classic Vibe 70s Precision Bass
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It appears that Gibson is drastically revisiting its bass lineup. All the lower price stuff is gone. On Gibson's web site only the Thunderbird and SG bass are listed, both with significant price increases for 2015.

The Thunderbird's two big changes are the addition of large Music Man styled pickups from the EB line (now defunct, I suppose?) and a Babicz bridge that allows for individual string height.

The SG bass also gets new/different pickups, a chunkier neck, and a Babicz bridge. The cheaper faded/special series is no longer available.

There are a few other changes as well. Gibson is now using heavier gauge wire in the control cavity and the rosewood fingerboard is thicker.
What's the word on the 5 string front?
Bass Gear:

Mensinger: Speesy
Fender Precision 1989 (CIJ Rosewood)
Fender Steve Harris (CIJ)
Lakland J Sonic 5
Epiphone Explorer
Maruszczyk (custom) Jake

Ashdown CTM 100
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I have a feeling that there may be two, yes two new pickguard colours]

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How Could Gibson Not Give Bassists The Auto Tuners?!

Dunno, too much tension? The mechanism and batteries would have to be more powerful and basses don't tend to use open tunings anyway.

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Honestly, before I'd buy most manufacturers' new models, I'd much rather save my coins for something custom

Custom basses are new every year. They're custom.

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What's the word on the 5 string front?

Many manufacturers will continue to sell a variety of 5 strings.