I can figure some parts out by ear and watching his fingers but since the camera is not always focusing on the fretboard and I'm a shitty guitarist that doesn't know chords I can't figure out the entire song. I need help with the part at 1:34, especially.

Many thanks.
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The chords are basically E A B ... Try those ..I'll see what I can do about that one part as well.. I'll see if I can work something up and tab it out ....ok should be done today..
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Here is the way I hear it...

Tabbed and submitted and accepted

By the way, it may look a little different in parts from the way he does it but it sounds good to me... Ok..let me know....
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You are welcome... Goad's is a lot more detailed but I thought you could see how frank turner was playing the song and so I made it sort of basic ...also, some of the words are different when he sings it but I was just happy there were lyrics out there as I wouldn't have been able to understand half of it anyway without them out there on the Internet....lol...
Great job Goad putting it in detail...