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What's the scale of Metallica "Harvester of Sorrow" ?
Ahm which section of the song exactly? It's generally based around the E Phrygian scale for most of the song.
JFinn speaks the truth. Although there's an F# (2nd fret on the low E string) in a couple of the riffs which adds that cool tension.

In that case, you could say the song was in B Locrian with the addition of the tritone in a few riffs.

The lowest and home chug note tends to be the E, though. So E Phrygian with the addition of the passing major 2nd is fine.

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The song is in E. The clean intro riff does use notes from the E phrygian scale but the verse riff uses an F#. It also uses A#/Bb at some parts.
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E is the tonic. There is no concrete answer to the scale or mode that the WHOLE piece is in, Metallica have chosen to use chromatics throughout and this keeps it changing. If the question is for the sake of improvising, here are two good approaches:

1) Use a phrygian mode as your base, and be just as creative with chromatics
2) Depending on the section of the piece, analyse Metallica's use of notes/chords and respond accordingly as you go by playing patterns using what you have found

Hope this helps.
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