Ok, I wanna get fancy and use the send and return stuffs on my kustom
310c- pedalboard consists of tuner, dano fuzz, catalinbread heliotrope
Digi whammy, EHX holy stain, ibanez echo shifter and ditto looper.
I do use the dirt on the holy stain, but am super fond of the reverbs.
I would just like someone else's point of view on how to set this up!
Please and thank you
I would definitely put the Heliotrope, the Echo Shifter, and the Looper in the FX loop, in that order. You will probably want your distortions to be before the amp. The only thing I'm worried about is if the modulations on the Holy Stain will mess with the Heliotrope's bit-crushing qualities. Keep your tuner and Whammy before the amp, with the whammy before the distortions.

Maybe put the Holy Stain at the end of your chain before the amp? You should still be able to utilize the reverb, just not as well I guess. You could potentially get some gnarly (a good gnarly) sounds with the Heliotrope crushing the Holy Stain's modulation.


Before the amp: Tuner, Whammy, Fuzz, Holy Stain.

FX Loop: Heliotrope, Echoshifter, Looper.
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I want to buy a effect pedal to play metal (especcialy black metal) but I don't know what kind of effect I need. I thought about delay or chorus but I didn't come further. Is here anyone who can help me?

PS: sorry for my bad english but I hope you understand what I mean.