Hey Dudes, I am in a working band, that decided to take a little hiatus. I figure this is a good opportunity to fix up/modify/ and build my electric guitars. I've swapped out the electronics in guitars before as well as repaired other people's but I have a few problems I cant seem to figure out with each of my guitars.

I will start with my main gigging guitar. It is an Epiphone G-400. About 8 years ago I swapped out all (and I mean ALL) of the epiphone electronics for Gibson USA ones. It sounds amazing but the only issue was sizing (I had to drill into the guitar to make the pots fit friggin scary) The pickups themselves were a little too small to fill the holes the way the epi ones did and the vibrated, so I in my teenage brilliance I just slapped on some duct tape. It did the trick, but after years of hard gigging, the tape has worn off and the vibrating has started again.

My questions are: Do you know of any way to clean off the duct tape gunk (goo gone maybe?) and Do you have a better solution for stopping the vibrations?

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Remove the pickups. Apply lighter fluid to a clean, soft rag and remove the gunk.

Honestly your teenage self should've just bought new pickup mounting rings and you would've never run into this problem in the first place.
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Yes Goo gone, goof off or any tar/paint remover would be great Xylene is excellent if you can find it in a small container
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I agree with GoGone. You can get that stuff at any harware store or Lowe's or Home Depot or even Wal-Mart.
All of the above is good. WD 40 will also remove tape goo. When you get new pickup rings, also pick up some surgical tubing. Works a lot better than the springs they use on the height adjustment screws, and a lot easier to replace. Compresses well, just cut it to about the same length as the springs and carry on.

I found out this trick from a good friend when I had to do some work on a guitar and one of the springs went flying across the room. I think it wound up in Minnesota...Went to get a replacement and he handed me some surgical tubing...after laughing at me a little about the deer in the headlights look, he explained he had been using it for at least 10 years, now I use nothing else.
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if not perhaps WD40, it can get rid of stickers as it's a water repellant. I'm mentioning WD40 because some people happen to have it and you don't have to go out of your way for a one time use. Plus WD40 is good but not the best at removing rust.

CTS or bouenes pots if they are wired right are fantastic too. Bournes teamed up with seymour duncan and made 3 really cool ones. They have the Yngwie Malmsteen series, the liberator (solderless pickup swaps) and the blackout modular preamp. The modular preamp makes any pickup wire solderless.