I don't see many threads on this topic. Basically, I am in a band that more or less could fall into the metalcore genre. The other guitar player in the band told me that basically I should focus on clean and melodic parts and he is coming up with the rhythm. I realize that trying to write songs like this may cause the songs to not fit together all that well. Often when I am trying to come up with a chord progression it either 1) doesn't sound very metal or 2) doesn't sound interesting or captivating. So, I need some help with chord progressions for the clean parts of a metal song. I know quite a few voicings and variations of chords.

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The biggest thing is play the notes individually instead of strumming chords. Metallica does this a lot. Obviously they're not metalcore, but that's the first example I could think of.
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Check out Def Leppard. They were past masters at this. Not metal, but nonetheless.

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Arpeggios are your friend! Also, pick more interesting chord than just your standard major, minor, and diminished triads. Add notes for coloring.