My wife would like a keyboard that feels like a piano. She has played keyboards and does not like how different they feel from an actual paino. We would be getting a keyboard as a piano substitute.

My sister told me that they make keyboards that have the same keys as an actual piano and feel like a piano. Does anyone know what these are called and how I can research them? Perhaps brands?

Also the relative prices would be great! I live in the U.S.

Thank you in advance!
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you need one with weighted keys, that is probably what your sister is talking about

Roland make a bunch with weighted keys. I've played a few and they're pretty good for keyboards, so I'd check them out.
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Casio, Yamaha, and others make a variety of keyboards with "piano feel" and sound. They vary, so the best bet is to go to a store that has a bunch of them and see which one she likes. I got one for $300 last year to use for practicing with headphones and find the transition from it to my piano and vv to be OK. If you don't live where you can try them, you'll have to go by customer reviews. If you search out a piano forum, they will usually have a section on keyboards. Good Luck!
There are regular keys, semi-weighted keys, weighted keys, and then there are even some that have an actual mechanism inside the piano. Prices can go pretty high.

I find a good deal for a keyboard with nice action, is the p-105. Or even a p-85 or p-95, which are older models. new at ~700$, but used would be cheaper. That's cheap for a keyboard with nice feel I find. Or at least that what I found when I bought my p-85 which was a few years back now.

She'll have to try them out herself to see what she likes. Weighted keyboards are not all equal.
I really like the casio keyboards with weighted keys on the cheap.
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As others have said, weighted keys.

However, just being weighted alone does not mean the action truly feels like a piano. I use a Casio PX-130 which has fully weighted keys but after a few years of playing now I've grown to realize that it is still far off from the actions of a real piano, which unfortunately is a money game. Closer to the $1000 or 1k+ range, you'll find more realistic key actions. If your wife is very familiar with the piano, all she needs to do is test them out in person.

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