What's up friends.

I've found several tabs for Pink Floyd's newish song Louder Than Words, however, most of them are lacking in quality. There are a few parts of the song in which I can not figure out on my own (most likely because I'm a sub-par acoustic player.)

If anybody could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Excuse the quality of the video, but it's my best reference.

There's a really neat riff at the 1:19 mark that I'd like to know, as well as the 1:35 mark.

In addition, there are a few notes between 2:48 and 2:56 that I'd really like to know.

3:36 is another one I'd like to know.

I know it's sad that I can't figure these out on my own, but I've only been playing guitar for about a year now (acoustic) and I'm self taught.

Thanks anyone who's willing to help in advance.
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