Hey up

Haven't posted in here before although I use the website a lot, but for some reason never realised noticed the forums...

Anyway - after some advice on strings if anyone can assist.

I play a Hohner acoustic (fairly basic but does the job for me), I'm not an advanced guitarist by any means and I play for pleasure more than anything else. Occasionally strum a song or two in local folk sessions.

Last time I got new strings I went down from 12s to 11s as I thought it would make playing the thing a little easier. It did (I think, marginally), but in the meantime I've been practicing and improving quite a bit and I now want to try some different strings again.

The "problem" with the 11s I have on now (which are due a refresh anyway I suppose) is the sound is a bit tinny particular on the thinner strings - I'd like to try and get a fuller, warmer sound if I can. But how the hell do I know which strings to go for?? I have no idea...

I'm happy to spend a little more next time out as I'm sort of going for the "next level" if you like... so, any advice on which strings I could try?

(Yes, I know I need to upgrade the guitar itself as well... next year perhaps).

As far as i know, bronze strings sound warm and full. But only the wound strings are actually bronze, so i dunno. It could just be your guitar. It could also be your playing. Recorded acustics sound great because they are recorded with good mics, and have reverb added, they are compressed... It sounds way different in person. If i play my acoustic in my room it sounds kinda tiny and weak, and if i play it in the hall, it sounds amazing because the room itself gives me some echo (reverb). Ayway, try going back up to 12s, and experiment with different brands a bit. I use Elixirs, but thats just because its a pain for me to change strings on my acoustic and i dont play it that much, so i like them to last a long time.
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Yeah I'm defo going back to 12s I think.

I will look into bronze - thanks.
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Try the Elixir Nanoweb 12's. I swear these strings can make any guitar sound amazing. Be sure to get the Nanoweb and not the Polyweb as the Nano's feel a little easier to play.

Of course is is just my opinion but I've used Elixir strings exclusively for my Seagull S6 acoustic (it's a pretty cheap guitar) for years and I often get compliments on how great that guitar sounds.
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Cool, thanks. Looks like Elixir is the way to go then, I won't get to it for a few weeks yet so any other suggestions much appreciated but I reckon I'll give the Elixir Nanoweb ones a go then...
Best acoustic strings I have come across in the last few years are Martin Lifespan. Anything from a tenner to 15 quid depending where you buy em. Great strings.