Hello !

So a few days ago while trying to write something for my band, I began playing these chords E major, G major, A major. now the strange thing is it sounds good, but when a played a solo over that chord progression, it sounded off, however when I played an E pentatonic or some notes from a E minor scale, it sounded good.. what sorcery is this?

The part should fit in a G Major scale.

I hope somebody know some theory stuff, I'm very interested is learning what is going on ! ^^

I want to know if I have made a mistake in thinking the part is in the key of G major, or is there a scale that is "working the best" when playing those three chords

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It's in E Major.

You can borrow chords from the minor key as well.

The G chord, which doesn't belong in the key, is off of the b3 scale degree in E major. This is a very common chord to borrow from E Minor.

The reason E pent. sounds good is because you are generalizing the progression to a giant E triad.
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Look at the chord tones. E major = E G# A; G major = G B D; A major = A C# E.

G major scale = G A B C D E F#

As you may notice, it doesn't have G# and C# in it. That's why it doesn't work that well.

The key you are in is E major. Just listen to it. Try to find the home chord. If you loop the progression, E major should feel like the home chord. It's a I-bIII-IV progression in E major. Playing E minor pentatonic over E major works because it's just bluesy. There's only one note that clashes with a chord and that's the G. But playing a minor third over a major chord just sounds bluesy.
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Thank for your reply, I think I have the grasp of the magic between these chords, scales that can be used and the theory behind it.

Thank you again
Does Gmajor sound like "home"? If not (read: it shouldn't), then why are you using a Gmajor scale over it?