i play Riptide on the guitar and piano and I notice that on the guitar, the change from Am to G chord sounds good, but on the piano it does not. It sounds ugly. why?

and what can i do to make it sound on the piano like it sounds on the guitar?

thank you guys!
Chords have many inversions. Just because you play an Am on guitar does not mean it'll be the same Am on piano. An Am barre chord is AEACEA where as a the chord youre using on piano is probably ACE or ACEACE with two hands. Make sure the notes you play on guitar match the notes you play on the piano, and are in the same register as they are on guitar
You are playing different voicings. Pay attention to the highest and lowest chord tones. Those are the most important notes. So for example if you play an open Am chord, the lowest note is A and the highest note is E. So to make it sound similar, make sure your highest note is E and lowest note is A.

Also, not all guitar parts sound good on piano. That's just how it is.
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