Can't get it like him still.This is my amp

Tried the insane and the metal.Insane was better.Tips for the setting of the amp?Drive was maxed and treble,the rest was default on insane.Also my pick is smaller than his,and his is thicker than mine,does that make the difference,or do I need to apply some magic?
Anyways thank you for the fast reply
it's usually easier to do this with thinner pick. Try experimenting with the angle of the pick on the string. Learn your pick more to the right side (bridge side) and see what happens, usually haveing a good heavy sound helps, but you can do it with almost any sound.
here's a really long and slow pick slide starts at 0:12' this on goes form 1 fret up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dm_5qWWDV8
First, forget about the amp and get the technic right.

Turn your pick sideways so that it is perpendicular with the strings.

Put the tip off the pick between low E and A strings, pull toward from the bridge to the head.

Now that you know the "basic" of the technic, play with it, move the pick, play with the angle, go further, start further, play around until you find your "sweet spot"

Once you found your sweet spot, get on the amp.

First, set all your eq to 5 (12 o'clock) and set your basse.
Most "old school punk" band used marshalls, from what I can read, the Crunch is based on a marshall plexi. Start with this one and fiddle with the gain. When the gain is correct, start playing with the EQ, lower or higher the values until you're ok with the tone.
Ok,thank you guys I really wanna learn this Btw t1mman my amp is kinda like a woman.To understand my amp is to understand a woman.I'm single.But I will definitely forget the amp for now,and maybe until I buy a better one xD

Edit:My amp's cruch mode is same as clean only with 0.1% of distortion and more bass.Totally useless so far.
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No, I'M not telling that in the sens of "forget it, it's crap", but in the sens of, before you add gravy, get the meat right!

If you can't do the bassic rights, no amount of gain will help. Do it clean and right, then add the gain.

As for the crunch mode, doesn't it sound kinda like this:

Try it with Crunch and put the Drive all the way, you should get a "old school punk" tone.
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t1mman I had to rewrite the crunch preset but I got it I actually like it now!Thank you! And the pick slide sounds good too!I'm so happy now!