This guitar I'm getting only has a 3 way toggle switch, not a blade selector. I'm thinking that if I find the right sized rotary switch that I can just install and wire that in place of the toggle switch. The thing is that I would like to get a 5-way rotary switch to wire it to have the same pickup selector configuration that my Ibanez guitars (though this guitar won't have a tone pot):

Anybody have any experience with this or know where I can find diagrams that can help me figure out how to wire it? I know there's PRS wiring diagrams like this but I can't tell if they're a useful enough resource or not for what I'm trying to do.
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And you can take it a step further -- pull up the wiring diagrams for the original 70's Gibson LS-6 and for the new reissue LS-6. Both use rotary six-way switches for pickup selection. One uses parallel and out-of-phase options, the other uses single coil and out-of-phase options. Worth a look.
I agree with using guitarelectronics.com , just make sure to ground the wiring properly. They get lazy with it.