Hey guys,

Wondering if any of you agree/disagree with the notion of throwing some Vintage Jazzmaster's/P-90's into a Fender Pawn Shop Offset (semi-hollow). I got this guitar for half price from Best Buy (had no clue they sold guitars). It plays well, but I think I can get more tone out of it with better pickups than the "Jazzmaster Humbucking" pickups currently in this model. I've researched high and low and found that these pickups don't even exist in any other fender guitar. And based on what I've heard out of other Jazzmaster's, it's very much a poor man's Jazzmaster pickup. Although a concern with vintage pickups would be getting a lot of hum/feedback.

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I suspect the pickups in them are the same that are in the Jaguar HH, just rebranded. That said, I don't dig them.

If you want vintage P90 sound without the hum, check these out:

Right? I'm a fan of what this guitar was aiming towards. A semi-hollow strat/jazzmaster hybrid, but then they take a huge dump on it with these pickups. I may be looking into some SD's to take it up a notch. Thanks.