Roland iCube Link Connection: Both input and output connection?

Is anyone familiar with the Roland Cube Jam app ? It's an app for your iphone/ipad to be used with such Roland amps like the Cube Street Ex.

The amp has a 1/8" jack labeled as Audio In and i-Cube Link. This allows you to play music through the amp with your iphone/ipad, play along to the song with your instrument and record the music your playing/playing along to with the cube jam app.

Since this jack/app allows you to both play and record, is it not then considered both an in and an out jack? The amp only labels it as an Audio In, but it seems to me that it's also considered an Audio Out?


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Sent Roland the following email:

"The Roland Cube Street Ex (http://www.rolandus.com/products/details/1317) has the i-cube link jack feature to utilize the cube jam app (https://www.rolandus.com/go/icubelink/). Since this jack lets you both play music from your iphone, and record the music that you play along to with the cube jam app, isn't this jack technically Audio In AND Audio Out? The jack on the amp just says Audio In above the jack."

Received email from Roland:

"That's correct. This is an audio input (to play from an external audio device) as well as an output jack (to play audio into an iPad or iPhone)."