Sounds pretty good, the one glaring thing to be aware of is that hi-hat...it's clearly programmed, and doesn't fluctuate in dynamics at ALL. Maybe try to get some variations in there, either automated or manual. In fact, most of your cymbals sound like they're being triggered with a very hot velocity, maybe tone down the velocity across the board and then boost overall volume of the cymbals with a compressor. Same goes for your tom fills, they're very robotic - just a little bit of velocity and swing will go a LONG way with those.

On my current reference system, which is not my ideal system (I'm at work), your vocals sound a little bit low, I know it can be hard to bring your own voice up when you're mixing yourself, but it definitely needs to be louder, especially since your diction is not very good (that seems stylistic, I'm not trying to insult you). It also sounds like you're eating the mic you recorded into, you should get a tiny bit farther away from the mic when you track, it'll sound more natural.

The other version of the song on your page has a MUCH clearer mix. Did you do that one too? You don't always need a full drum kit, especially with this style of music. Drop a few tambourine hits in there, and maybe a kick drum, and you're all set in a mix like this. Frankly, the production on this version suits the song itself much better.

One tip I've been using a LOT lately is to let the song dictate what it wants to sound like on record. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away and let your brain tell you that you need a full drum kit with tom fills and whatnot, when the song itself really only wants a few timpani and tambourine hits.

Either way, your song is great, so let it breathe and let it tell you how it wants to live on record. Keep it up!
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I agree with Sid here. The drums distract the listener rather than enhance the song. Maybe a percussive acoustic rhythm guitar track, or more laid back drum loop, examples maybe david gray babylon, or torn by Natalie imbruglia kind of thing. Nice voice, let people hear it.
IMHO, the drums are not really the problem. The problem is the mix. The drums sound professional and clear and articulated. They are probably the best part of the overall sound. The rest of the mix needs to fill it out more. The drums would be a lot less in your face. Especially the vocal and the guitars/bass. Bass is actually probably a good volume. The guitars need to come up for sure. Same with the vox. I like the sound you're going for though.
I appreciate the feedback guys. I have noticed the Hi-hat too, and it bothers me. I listened to the bass recently in the car, and the bass comes through much too loudly. I am in a bit of a bind, because it seems I always dumb my mixes down to fit my less than up-to-par vocal tracks. I will re-program a bit of the drumming and re-mix it a bit and re-post it later and see if you guys think I am going in the right direction. Thanks again for listening. I appreciate the honest feedback.

Honestly, I like the original demo on the page better. The temp is better and the vocals are better, and it does sound much clearer.
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I don't think the vocals need turning up as such, maybe just a little more EQ'ing in the high end or a bit of a cut in the low mids so its not clashing with the bass line. and snare I would turn the cymbals down a little bit, see if theres a way you can humanise the velocities on the drums I think it would improve things, nice mellow tune though!
I also think the last verse starts off really muddy vocally. I want to re-do the vocal track completely after I get the music sounding more bright.
I enjoyed this track, it's mellow in a good way I don't know much about mixing this genre but I can say the vocals sound a bit muffled, the singing is great just the mixing. The drums sound well to me.
I really appreciate the nice feed back on the song. I haven't had time to re-mix it to try to brighten it yet. I am going to try to get around to it after Christmas. I may re-record the whole thing in a bit of a faster temp like the original demo and take my time to make all the tracks brighter and clearer.