Hey guys, I'm looking at a Sungha Jung Signature Lakewood as a Christmas gift to myself, but before takin the plunge, Id like to get some opinions on Lakewood's consistency, quality control and generally how they stack up against equivalent Taylors. I'm also interested in how the LR Baggs Anthem works, as I've had huge issues getting a decent sound from the Taylor Expression System, and bad electronics is a deal breaker.
I play fingerstyle pretty much exclusively, and unplugged volume isnt a huge concern as long as I can hear it. The cutaway is a big deal for me, as I play fairly high up and I hate running out of room. I chose the sig model as the only store I can purchase from has only an M32 (with no cutaway) and for $100 the Sungha Jung sig (with cutaway). I'm a big fan of the "Taylor" sound as well.
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My mate got about half a dozen in a few years back. Most were good but not great, and the price was reasonable for the high quality of construction; they sold reasonably quickly, but not like the proverbial hotcakes. However, one of the more expensive ones didn't sound good, and it it still sitting in the shop several years on. I wouldn't buy one without trying it.

EDIT They didn't have the big open sound of Taylors, more of a Martin type sound.
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