Hi guys,

Firstly, this is my first post.

Second, I am looking for an android app that does the following things:

1. Allows me to import from word or text files that include only lyrics and chords.
2. Allows me to write/edit lyrics and chords
3. Presents the music in an easy format for my tablet - I'm trying to replace paper
4. "One tap" transposition of chords into another key

Bonus: I can search for lyrics and chords for various songs instead of having to write them from scratch. I don't want a staff/stave, I don't want tablature.

No bells and whistles

And I am prepared to pay well for the app because of the time saving.

I hate having to (re)write a song sheet up from the net and manually transpose each chord into a key acceptable to my fellow band members.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your help