could someone please suggest me a chord looping sort of software...where i can just specify the guitar chord combination and tempo and it goes on repeating...

for ex: i specify " Am Gmaj Fmaj Gmaj"
and it goes on playing the chords in the same order..
i m actually a singer and i follow bollywood most of the times..so please do help with my problem
Band in a box. iRealBook.
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Why software? What you're talking about is a looper pedal, there are loads out there.

For your situation, I'd recommend getting a Zoom G3. It's got a looper built in, which auto-synchs to it's drum sequencer. Having a beat going on would be a huge benefit to your practice routine.
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i use my tascam dr-05 for that. if i need a chord progression with the exact chords i want at the right tempo, i will just record myself playing rhythm guitar and then play back the recording either by using the built in speakers or by exporting to the pc via usb

looper pedals and irealbook are good options too
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Two ways with software:

Any DAW with and Guitar Virtual Instrument ( actually the instrument might be enough alone )
e.g. Reaper + ample guitar
(free versions available to try out)


A music writing software, e.g Guitar Pro
Tux Guitar is free and pretty similar to Guitar Pro.
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Band in a Box is exactly what you're looking for I think. You specify a chord progression, a tempo and a style and it just plays it. With Guitar Pro/TuxGuitar or DAWs you have to write all the notes yourself.
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