I currently have a martin acoustic and Im planning on getting a looper pedal. I was wondering which would be the best one to go with. Im a solo singer songwriter and play some covers too. I was looking at the Boss rc-30 and jamman digitech but not too sure. Could anyone give me a bit of advice?

I have a Boss RC-3, and although I use an electric, I reckon it it would be great for acoustic. You can attach a mike as a second instrument. My mate plays banjo and bought the Boss RC-30. A little more expensive but may be even more appropriate.
Cheers, Mark
Thats great man thanks for your reply. Yeh I was watching some stuff last night on the rc-30. It seems quite good, may be hard at first to get head around but looks good. Thanks
Check out this guy, he has some info on some of his videos, a couple say he's using a rc20. Very good player, and friend from another forum, I think he's used a couple of other loopers too.


A couple of songs I've checked out over the past 5 or 6 years that are really good...

No Matter What
I Gots to Know

That may give you an idea how the boxes he uses work and what can be done with them. I tried to put a song together with him several years ago but the fingerpicked guitar part was beyond my ability...I could never get the hang of it so that fell through.
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