Which amp will give me that nice chugging low e palm muted thrash metal sound?

I wanna nail the ride the lightning and puppets tone.

I will either get a krank rev jr used or valveking or diavlo new, all will be the 20 watt heads.

will it be redundant to get one of those amps if i have a blackstar ht 20? it can do great blues to early metal tones. maybe i should just get a boost? But i like playing modern metal as well.

reason why i picked these amps were because they were around the 400-500 range, as well as being 20 watts. I didn't list bugera since those are 100 watts, way too loud for home and im using them for small gigs.
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Valveking isn't a modern metal amp. it will do 80s thrash with an overdrive in front but isn't really ideal for that sound ( I have the 50 watt 1x12 and play some metal with it).

Peavey 6505+ would be far better. combo is 60 watts and won't be much louder than a 20 watt amp. I have an Ultra 2x12 that I can play at home without pissing people off. any tube amp can get pretty loud pretty fast. if you are planning on using for live shows then a higher wattage amp may be better especially for metal.
Wattage doesn't equal volume.

Out of those three, the Krank or the Randall.
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I have a Randall Diavlo and while there may be better amps in that price range, it does Thrash quite well IMO. But I mostly use mine for Black Metal.
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Usually I rec Jet Cities a lot (Far too often

Dark Terror is a good option, so's a mini Rectifier.
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I'm the resident Krank fanboi, get the Rev Jr. They do thrash and modern metal well, even better with a boos to tighten it up. I used to turn the FX boost on an turn the mix knob all the way up to get a bit more out of it, I had the Standard model so I didn't have the extra control of the Pro.
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Krank or Randall. Valveking is a decent budget amp with great cleans but there are better amps for metal than it.

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RD45 head and 1x12 closed back cab with a V30 speaker. Or a Jet city 50H.
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Does the Randall 20 Diavlo head have master volume? My Diavlo 40w combo has master volume. I play it at home and even with the master volume down keeps nice tone for practice. Of course that a much better tone comes with high volume. In this case the power attenuator will make your low volume to sound better, but this device will likely blow your budget into tiny pieces.

By the way: the Diavlo is a dark sounding amp. Dont think will sound like Metallica´s early records.
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I think you ought to try a boost pedal with your Blackstar before anything else. Specifically, try it with a cheap used (or new) Boss Sd-1. While I wasnt the biggest fan of the HT 20 I tried, I thought it had enough gain for thrash without a problem. With an Sd-1 boosting it I would think it would easily do thrash and even death metal. You're only out $60 tops and you could always get your money back by selling it.
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I had a randall dialvo 20 and I play thrash. it handles it quite well. my recommendation is for the randall. get a cab with a v30's and your set.
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It is NOT trash metal it is tHrash metal...get it right