I have a cort kx5 with a vox stomplab 2g. I could have access to an amp only during gigs because I dont have one. So now I connect the processor to pc speakers for practise. And now my band is doing covers on some Tremonti and Alterbridge songs. I know tremonti uses lots of stuffs to get that tone but is there anyway I could get a tone that atleast sounds like his on my stomplab. I tried building user presets but I cant get any close :/ I really need help please. I bought the guitar and processor very recently so I have been playing only acoustic, a total noob guys please help.
I haven't tried the stomplab, but you probably want one of the high gain or metal amp models. According to the vox site here http://www.voxamps.com/stomplab it has a ton of amp models. It doesn't say in the manual which model is which, but I'm guessing you'd want to try one of the US metal models, or maybe one of the boutique metal models. (On my mini3, the US metal model is the mesa dual rectifier model, and I think tremonti uses mesas a lot. He might also use diezels, and one of those boutique high gain models might be based on a diezel.)

Basically set all of the controls to 50% to start with and scroll through all those models (and even the UK metal and US high gain models, just in case you prefer their sound, with a modeller the "wrong" model might even sound better, depending on how well they've been modelled) to see which sounds best. That should give you a rough idea of how each sounds, and then you can tweak the treble/bass/middle/gain etc. settings to refine the tone.

that's for distortion tones, I reckon he probable plays clean a fair bit too. I'm guessing he uses Fender amps for cleans (I have a vague recollection of reading that he uses Fenders for cleans). Try one of the cali clean models, same principle as above (except maybe set the gain a bit lower to make sure it stays clean).

You can muck about with effects after that but I'd try to get the base tone right first.
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