I'm searching some good songs recommendation to improve my playing. I don't know what to play....

To situate my level: I've learned recently some Ff mice and men, Bmth song, august burns red (composure, currently learning meddler too) songs. Nothing impressive, but i'm not a beginner

I'm really into prog-metal, djent, deathcore, metalcore, and want to improve my solo (mainly alternate picking, which is my weakness) and rythm playing.
I can play lead at probably 110-120 bpm (16th)( )

If you can give me around 10-15 songs, it would be great!!

Oh and as i'm currently learning piano, it doesn't matter if you recommend me hard song that I should learn for 5 months before i can play them

Thank you!
Some BTBAM maybe? "Astral Body" is good for alternate picking, and "Telos" and "Selkies" are good ass-kickers.
If you're in to prog I'm surprised you haven't got into Between the Buried and Me.
Definitely their most popular solo's are Selkies and White Walls. I'll link them below if you decide to take a look:

Selkies (Skip to 4:30)

White Walls (Skip to 10:30)

While Paul/Dustie from BtBaM wouldn't be best known for heavy alternate picking they're still in my opinion some essential prog metal guitarists to get to know. Also their entire catalogue is very technically proficient and challenging, so whilst every song may not have a super shreddy solo that some people may be looking for.. boy can those 2 guys ****ing play guitar. They're my favorite band in case you can't tell