Hi, I live in Canada where it gets very cold in the winter, my singer lives about a 20 min walk away from me, I am wondering if I bring my guitar outside in cold temperatures can that cause any kind of damage? I will be carrying my amp as well, could the weather affect the amp as well? Thanks for any help. EDIT- Could variations in temperature cause damage to the neck? or anything affecting the sound and play-ability of the guitar?
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In the case will be fine for 20 mins. Let the amp warm a bit before powering maybe
It can, and especially if it has a nitrocellulose finish. What happens if the guitar is cooled down, and then exposed to room temperature is that the wood expands - and the finish can react by cracking into a pattern of many small hairline cracks. This is due to different expansion/contraction rates in wood vs nitrocellulose laquer when exposed to temperature changes. If you look at old guitars, you will see how this looks - as it happens in most guitars over time.

The common advice is that you let the guitar adjust slowly by leaving it in the case for some time before opening it. If the guitar has spent days in temperatures below zero (Celsius), some advice 24 hours. Some say an hour, if the guitar has spent some limited time outside. For most musicians, this isn't practical when transporting their gear.

20 minutes in Canadian winter, and no matter how good your hardcase is, the guitar will have cooled down. If it is a poly-finished guitar, the finish will probably be fine.

I live in Sweden, where we have quite cold winters and warm summers. (Minus 20 to plus 25 degrees Celsius) It's quite frustrating, but there is nothing you can do about it, just try to protect the gear as much as you can.
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Yeah it should be fine, I have to leave mine in a car for 12 hrs during work sometimes (no choice and I don't like doing it but what ya gonna do). I just leave it in the case and let it come to room temperature again before opening it. One of the big issue with no doing this is moisture, if you pull a cold guitar out of the case in a warm room it will get condensation all over it.
The above advice is good. Homer is right the damage occurs from the rapid temperature change between the finish and the wood. Just let it sit in the case for an hour and it should be OK unless the temp is extreme. It took me too many years to find this out and by then several of my guitars had already become crazed with finish cracks. I try to be more careful these days but............
It would be a lot easier carrying a multi-effects and modelling pedal rather than an amp. Just plug it straight into the PA. Will save you doing your back in.
I don't think it will hurt the amp, but Homer pegged it on the guitar. I have a Peavey Patriot that got "crazed" years ago, I didn't know why. It's not bad, just a lot of fine lines in the finish, pretty much following the grain of the wood. So these days in cold weather I always try to leave the guitars in the case for an hour before opening if I transport one long enough for it to get cold. So far so good, none of the others have any problems but the Peavey will always be that way...
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