I've decided my next guitar (For Christmas) will either be a S8 or S8qm from Ibanez.
The S8 is give or take £150 cheaper than the S8qm.

Both have pretty much exactly the same specs, apart from slightly different pickups and the quilted maple top. (S8 is black and S8QM is red, doesn't really matter)

Do you guys think its worth the extra cash to get the S8qm? I don't think the extra quilted maple top adds anything tone wise... or am I wrong? I just cant see anything justifying the extra cash.

if it's only a veneer, probably not. i'm not sure if it's only a veneer or not, though. i suspect so, but

but yeah if you're sure they're the same otherwise, and can try them both to be sure there's no quality difference, it looks like the extra cash for the QM is just going on cosmetics.
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Both Ibanez and Jackson are guilty of this at some point. They used odd pickups that don't seem to conform to any standard. Keep this in mind if you plan to upgrade them, and you will probably want to...

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