Howdy, everyone,

I have an effects chain running from my Gibson Les Paul Traditional into a clean set amp that goes like this:

MXR Super Badass Distortion > MXR 10 Band EQ > MXR SmartGate > MXR Stereo Chorus

(MXR pedals have never failed me and served me well)

I recently aquired an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal that I've decided needs to go either between the distortion and the eq OR between the eq and the gate.
Both configurations sound nice, but I wanted to get the opinions of others on which of the two configurations are better, and the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Wah 1st and put the EQ in the FX loop.

EQ pedals in front of an amp have a lot less effect on the actual sound, in the loop it will have a much greater impact
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Wah should be first in your chain - unless you specifically like it otherwise, or unless you have a tuner pedal. I don't use an EQ anymore, but when I did, I liked it on the back end of my chain.
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You should really have your gate first, also (unless you have a particularly noisy distortion pedal).
Quote by Robbgnarly
Wah 1st and put the EQ in the FX loop.

EQ pedals in front of an amp have a lot less effect on the actual sound, in the loop it will have a much greater impact

In a certain way, you could use EQ as mid-boost and then I would kick it in front of the amp after the wah. Otherwise, I agree with you.
I used to use overdrive before my wah and it makes certainly a different sound than after it. There is no right or correct or only way to do it. Experiment. You'll never find your sound if you only do what someone else is doing.
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Generally, this is what I use for pedal order when applicable:

Pre-EQ (Clean up signal) -> Noise Gate -> Compression -> Modulation (Wah, voicing, pitch shifter etc.) -> Distortion/Overdrive/Fuzz -> Post-EQ (Tone) -> Effects (Chorus, flanger etc.) -> Delay/Reverb
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Thanks for all of the replies, everyone

I'm not sure if it's this particular wah pedal, but when trying it at the start of the chain I was getting a lot of noise when it wasn't activated. When it was activated however, I thought it sounded a bit more jagged and less sweet sounding than when in between the dist. and eq or between the eq and gate.

I'm using the gate specifically to knock out noise created from the eq and distortion pedals

Also, I dont have an fx loop on the current amp Im using so I cant put the eq after the amp, but its not too much of a problem since I only use it as a solo mid boost for the distortion
Fix the wah. It should be out front. If it's noisy, it's faulty, there's sweet **** all in a wah. It should not be noisy, especially with it bypassed.
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