Hey UGers, hope everyone is doing well.

I've come to the forum to hopefully find some advice as to how to improve my playing. I never noticed I had a problem with tempo until I started playing with a metronome. Occasionally I'll hit a note too early or too late. I don't seem to have the same problem playing with a drummer but maybe that's because the volume is disguising the problem or I haven't listened back to a recording of the jam.

I'm also missing notes occasionally, I'll swap from a D to a G chord and not quite get my fingers there in time or something like that. This problem has become more evident recently as I've been playing less so maybe it's just an issue that I'm not playing enough.

I definitely play better with a full band. Whether it's the extra excitement and energy that I'm experiencing or something else I can nail runs with a drummer that I can never get by myself. I almost feel like alot of the problem is I've become bored and disinterested in the guitar and I'm just going through the motions.

So my question is, are the any interesting tips or tricks that you guys use or have heard about to improve my timing and my left hand accuracy? Hopefully there will be some answers other than practice more because I'm just not inspired to play very much lately.

Cheers and regards,

Hi man, here are some tips i still do after 17y of playing.

1. try playing some quarter and 8th note strumming pattern at 160bmp, dont make it to complex. start tapping you foot to 160bmp, you tap along with metronome.
2. reduce the metronome to 80bmp, keep tapping your foor at 160 bmp, so you tap in between the clicks as well. play the same rhythm as before
3. put the metronome down to 40 bmp. now the metronome only hits the 1. beat of your 4/4 bar so your on you own for the rest on the bar. your foot should still be tapping all 4 beats and you should be in sync with the metronome when it hits the beat 1.
play the same rhythm again.

do this with as many strumming patterns, riffs, solo licks of juts clapping with no guitars.

try this one as well. when your driving your car, listening to music, start tapping your left foot than turn the volume down so you cant hear the music at all. keep tapping your foot. after few sec turn the volume back up and see how in sync you are with the music. you can do a lot for your rhythm like this, and not waist your time with guitar. so when you do have time to practice, you can practice technique or play songs or what ever.

let me know how do did with the exercise