Apologies for being five or so hours early.

Title is self reasonably explanatory. I've gone for 2 tracks from the UK, 3 tracks from Ukraine, and 3 tracks from America.

I'm actually pretty happy with this mix. I was a bit unsure what to do at first but I've heard a few albums this week which helped shape the mix. I think it has quite a nice flow to it too, certainly with the start and end tracks. Also check dem masterful art skilz.


Heir Apparent
Eazy-C (666Scotland) - 22/12/2014

Line of Succession
SeveredJon - 29/12/2014
AnnihiSSlater - 05/12/2015
The image was masterfully botched together in microsoft paint and features the flag of Vinland, The Ukrainian Coat of Arms, The White Dragon of England, and the Red Lion of Scotland, in an attempt to represent the UK, Ukraine and America, which are the three regions represented on this mix.

America being..The U.S. of A? Why no stars?? Where's the eagle on the flag??? WHAT IS THIS RUBBISH FLAG?????

Not even a hippogriff? A gryphon at least? Some form of avian with the head of an eagle? A deformed chimera? PISH POSH.

I liked the mix though. Some stuff kinda glossed over like Fen and Saor. Heard em, not really all that into them anymore. Really liked The Blood of Kingu since the vocals were top notch, but I love that gutteral/ambiguous as to which genre they really fit into style. Did you Blood of Kingu's portion on their split with Portal? So good, fella.

Mare Cognitum were ok. Kind of your standard modernized black metal with big booming riffs and cut/paste vocals. Nothing out of the ordinary but they were really good for what they were. Bands like Nightbringer fit into this category, although Nightbringer are more unorthodox.

Falls of Rauros I enjoy very much so. Been a fan since Hail Wind and Hewn Oak. A band that keeps getting better too.

I do not like Panopticon. Too long but not a bad way to end the mix. Grand song to end it, just not for me. Pretty good mix, I can dig it.
But the flag is like trve and kvlt because the vikings landed in America something like 600 years before Jamestown, and we all know that vikings + origins = kvlt. The Vinlandic flag which I assume was a latter invention, uses the Nordic cross as a tribute to their Viking forefathers, and like, doesn't have the same connotations of capitalism and freedom, instead this flag stands for the noble warrior out conquering the world.

Much like the White Dragon pre-dates the St. George cross as the standards for one of the Saxon kingdom's later used under a united england, and ties into a prophecy that Myrddin gave of the white and red Dragons battling.

As you can see much thought went into this. More than time went into realising my grand vision :p

But glad you generally dug it. That Blood of Kingu album really took my by surprise. I was kind of indifferent to their first album, I dug it, but it was just alright. But this new one is really doing it for me.

Generally I don't care much for that Panopticon album, but I love that track. Especially around the 7 minute mark. Such a powerful foreboding sound with the bells chiming and the blast beats going. A proper apocalyptic sounding climax. Though I agree that it's too long, it should have ended with a perfect cadence around the 9 minute mark.