And the TS is me, who really despises Ibanez necks...
Truth is, I only dislike those really, really slim 19.5 mm necks.
I really like, for example, the Fireman and those that are in the AR models.
Also, majority of the acoustics have been nice.

Could someone explain why the img code is not working..? Well, I guess you gotta click the links

Mystery case

Enough banter, this is a UV777. Whether it's BK or whatever code after that, I do not know.
I know that it's the Universe model, Steve Vai's signature, and according to guitarproject's serial finder this guitar was made at the Fuji-Gen factory in 1999.

Not too much wear or tear on this beauty, a couple of medium dings on the back, the front is pretty damn good. Although the pickguard has got some scratches but hey, those would come in like 1 or 2 years of use anyways...

It has more than okay neck. It's amazing, it connects with me. The added string doesn't feel like much anymore, I've been playing for about 1½ week now (loaned 2 7-string guitars from my friend time to time, so not a perfect stranger).

Haven't had the chance to try this with my band practise amplifier yet, I will desperately try to around xmas time, will upload a vid.. if I dare to with my poor 7-string playing
At home it sounds nice with my Boss GT-5. Of course made loads of patches, felt inspired.. I filled like 10 sounds in one night, I think.
I will judge the pickups fully when I get to try this with my Laney, but they are nice Dimarzio Blaze models.
A lot of people hate these, say that they're this and that.
I actually like the "instant" scooped mid it has, made it easier to find a good sound.
Also the polepieces are adjustable, so if it's not just gimmicks, I can actually balance the string volume.
A lot of people change the pickups out of a stock guitar, especially 7-string and 8-string guys (no offense).
That is not needed here.. like at all.

I play with really light strings, 9-54 in standard tuning. Considering that I play 11-52s on my custom that is in D standard "You need a .62 to have nice tight B on standard scale!" No, necessarily you don't... just play lighter.. Not everyone likes their strings tight. Loose, lively and vibrant is sometimes a lot better, if you know what I mean
This guitar plays like butter.

I have a keyboard too now.
Gear pics

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Gear pics

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Bugera cloning Blackstar is a scandal cloaked in a tragedy making love to a nightmare.