Good evening,

For a while now I've been using my current recording set up. A few weeks ago however, I was ready to start another recording session, and I found that it wouldn't work at all. When I would press record, the time indicator just wouldn't move. I've since managed to "fix" this, the time indicator does move now, but no sound is being recorded.

I'm using Adobe Audition CS6. I have one microphone, into a Midiplus Audiolink (which is my audio interface), which is plugged in via USB into my computer. It's a fairly low budget setup, but it worked quite well until now and the sound was fine.

I've done some googling to see how I can fix this but the closest thing I've gotten to a solution is this thread:


I've been looking in my Control Panel, in the Recording Tab specifically. I cannot find my microphone or my audio interface in there. I have checked the Devices tab in the Configuration screen, and the interface does show up there without any driver problems whatsoever. I've checked the Audio Hardware tab in Audition, and as far as I can see, it should be set up right. I'm using the Asio4all plugin.

I'm about to pull out my hair, I have no idea how to get this shit fixed. I was hoping someone could possibly send me in the right direction, or whether they have any tips.

TL;DR: No sound is recording when I push record in Adobe Audition CS6, even though the time indicator is moving.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I'm also up for trying new recording software, but I have a feeling this is more a Windows issue than an Audition issue.
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I have no idea why, but I just started up Adobe again (after restarting it so many times and trying all kinds of different things), and for some godforsaken reason it has started working again. I didn't even change anything in the control panel or anything.

Figures. Thanks for the help, diabolical. I guess this thread can be closed or removed.
1. Uninstall/reinstall your interface drivers, verify your hard disc and test.

2. No joy? uninstall/reinstall your DAW software. Test

3. Restore to an earlier time when all systems worked.

4. Buy a Mac
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